About Jojo

Jojo – Suharjo Nugroho

Indonesian PR Expert with strong media and gov networks helping corp to deliver their PR stories to Indonesian market

A successful PR campaign follows the same narrative structure as epic films and fairy tales. Your client is Luke, and you’re Obi Wan, furnishing a light-saber to help him defeat the Empire. Your client is Frodo, and you’re Gandalf, wielding wizardry to help him destroy the ring. Your client is Cinderella, and you’re the fairy godmother, casting spells to get her to the ball. It’s about relations between you and the hero.

When i deliver my service, i do so by positioning its capabilities like the light-saber, wizardry, and spells—as “magic gifts” for helping the main characters (client) reach that much-desired Promised Land.

With +15 years experience in Indonesian PR industry, as the Managing Director I led the Imogen PR consultant team in many projects across different industries helping clients to deliver Relations, Stories, and Magic to their stakeholders.



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